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Become a Monthly Donor

While a one-time donation undoubtedly creates an impact, the potential of your contribution reaches even greater heights through the choice of a monthly recurring donation. By committing to a monthly contribution, you establish a sustained and reliable source of support that enables us to achieve sustained progress and make an enduring difference. Your generosity becomes a consistent force for positive change, allowing us to plan and implement long-term initiatives that champions of future leaders.

Each monthly donation accumulates over time, amplifying its influence and empowering us to undertake projects of greater scope and significance. It forms the backbone of our efforts, ensuring that we can provide ongoing resources, programs, and services to those who depend on us. Together, we can accomplish far more than a single gesture allows, laying the groundwork for a brighter future that touches the lives of many.

To set up a recurring donation, click on Donate Today. Complete the form and after the payment section, select the box indicating "Makes this a Monthly Donation". The donation will automatically be submitted on the same date (ex. 5th) each month that you make your initial donation. 

For questions, please reach out to our Development Department at 704.260.5608 or email