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Legacy Giving

Legacy giving offers a unique opportunity to leave an enduring imprint on education and community growth. By including us in your estate plans or will, you empower future generations with access to quality education, innovation, and vital resources.

Your legacy gift transcends time, fostering a legacy of learning and progress. It's a powerful way to ensure that your values and passion for education continue to make a difference, even beyond your lifetime. Whether you choose to establish scholarships, fund innovative programs, or support the overall mission, your generosity paves the way for transformative change.

Some vehicles for legacy giving for consideration include:

  • Bequests. Bequests are the most popular and simplest type of legacy giving. In their wills, donors will name what they want to give to your nonprofit, whether it’s a specific amount of funds, stocks, a piece of art, or even a percentage of the value of their estate. Keep in mind that while your nonprofit can encourage donors to create a will, you cannot participate in actually creating it. 
  • Life insurance. When taking out a life insurance policy, donors can name a nonprofit as one of its beneficiaries. Donors who currently have life insurance policies they don’t need anymore can also participate in legacy giving by donating their policy’s accumulated value to your nonprofit. 
  • IRAs. Some of your donors may be interested in joining a tax-deferred retirement plan. They can use this as a method to participate in your legacy giving program by either naming your nonprofit a beneficiary or as a recipient of the percentage of the proceeds. 


There are actually even more ways to make a legacy gift than just these options. Contact a financial advisor to discuss your best options. 

Your thoughtful investment of a legacy gift for education echoes through the years, leaving a remarkable legacy that uplifts the Cabarrus County community.