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Reading+Mentoring 4 Success

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Reading is the foundation to all learning and we are working to help our Cabarrus County Schools' elementary students to succeed in reading through our Reading+Mentoring 4 Success program. 

We want students who love to read because reading sets a student on the pathway to success for a lifetime! When a child has a love of reading, students develop a strong leisure reading habit. This leads to greater academic success by making students more articulate, develops higher order reasoning, and promotes critical thinking. 

The Reading+Mentoring 4 Success program is comprised of three initiatives:

  • Striving Readers Mentors help build a strong one-on-one relationship with a student to develop critical reading skills that have yet to be mastered and might hinder their success with reading. 
  • Pleasure Reading Incentives works with schools to build a culture that encourages students to read for pleasure.
  • Book-a-Palooza helps students build their home library so they can read anytime and anywhere. 

Our program is succeeding in creating lovers of reading. 84% of students participating in the Striving Readers Mentoring exceeded expected growth last year compared to 69% of similar students not participating in the program. 

In schools where the program has been in place for two or more years we have observed:

          •7% increase in students who believe they are good readers

          •8% increase in students who say they are excited when it’s time to read.

          •8.5% increase in students who say they read when not at school.

          •8% increase in students who say they have a LOT of books at home.

AND YOU CAN BE A PART OF MAKING THIS HAPPEN! We are seeking several individuals to fill this role at various schools across Cabarrus County Schools. Check out our openings by downloading the job description and see how you can be a part of this incredible program!



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