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CCS Sponsorship Opportunities

New Employee Orientation

One of the unique things about Cabarrus County is our welcoming spirit. With the tremendous growth we have seen, this has become a normality for us. And it is no different in our school system. 

Each year approximately 300+ Cabarrus County certified staff (teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, etc.) are welcomed to the district. Our new teachers and staff come from near and far including internationally.

You can Welcome these New Staff!

Support Cabarrus County Schools' new employee orientation and engage in the Cabarrus County Spotlight Fair through impactful sponsorship, fostering educational excellence and community connection. At the Spotlight Fair, you can introduce these new CCS staff to your products and services with a booth. Or engage in a bigger way and sponsor a breakfast, snack or lunch. Learn more about Sponsorships.

Together, we can demonstrate how much we treasure our new teachers and staff for what they do for our students and our community!