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Reading+Mentoring 4 Success

CCEF wants to build a culture that encourages reading
to help our students succeed. 

How will we encourage pleasure reading with our CCS students?

There are several key strategies that can help increase pleasure reading.

  1. Students will earn a book voucher based on preset pleasure reading goals. Literacy-targeted rewards such as books or book vouchers have been found to be more effective in developing reading motivation than rewards that are unrelated to the activity.
  2. Students will exchange their book voucher at the school's "Book-a-Palooza" events for a reading material of their choice. Allowing students to choose what they read and how they read is critical for enjoyment of reading. Book-a-Palooza events occur periodically throughout the year.
  3. Additionally, administrators will build school-wide goals for pleasure reading to reward students and provide fun incentives to students.