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Cabarrus LINK

What We Do

Cabarrus LINK

Presented by Charlotte Motor Speedway

We are excited to announce our newest program, Cabarrus LINK! If you have an idea for a project but are not sure how to make it come true...then this might just be your answer. During focused networking sessions, participants work together to bring innovative classroom and school-wide projects to life – projects that enrich student learning to encourage students to understand how their learning applies in a real-world context.

School project leaders and business and community leaders explore ways to collaborate on a specific project. Projects vary by school need, but could include technology-related, environmental, career related types of projects as well as others. During the Cabarrus LINK session, schools and business leaders will meet to develop the project concept and project plan to be implemented during the semester. During the Innovative Showcase that is held at the end of the LINK Day event, groups make a "Shark-Tank" style presentation to “pitch” their innovative project ideas to a panel of judges. The panel will select a grand winner. All Innovative Showcase participants receive a cash reward to assist in implementing their project.

Cabarrus LINK will be held twice a year - once in the Spring and again in the Fall.