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Connect Our Kids

Learning has taken quite the twist recently with the closing of schools and the switch to remote learning. This change now relies on students to have internet access in order to access all learning resources and attend video meetings with teachers and other students.

Across Cabarrus County Schools, more than 3,500 students are without home internet access. To ensure equitable learning opportunities for all, CCEF is working with CCS to provide internet to over 2,000 low-income families in the district. 

We thank Duke Energy and the Cabarrus County Community Foundation for helping kick off our Connect Our Kids initiative with their generous donations.This is a great beginning, but we still have a long way to go in a very short time frame. Help us keep all of our CCS students progressing together to avoid inequities among students of different economic status and disenfranchising those most in need.

To help meet this need, email Amy Gough.