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We didn't want anyone missing out on the fun of our Annual Cake Raffle so we are hosting it virtually.

Cake/"Sweet Treats" winners will receive a voucher to be redeemed before December 31, 2020. Just think dessert can be handled for Thanksgiving...

Raffle Tickets will be on sale October 26th thru October 30th at noon. Then join us for the "Live Event" to see if you won as well as see which of our "Team Captains", Merl Hamilton or Otis Gillette takes a cake to the face. Yep, our board members have divided into two teams and have challenged to see which team can sell the most tickets. You got it...the losing team captain will take a pie to his face. 

More details coming soon! Mark your calendars to purchase tickets beginning Oct. 26th and join us for the "live" event on Oct. 30th at NOON for some fun surprises!