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Over $50,000 has been awarded to teachers in Cabarrus County public schools to expand classroom learning opportunities for students. The Classroom Grant Program boost teachers impact by allowing them to expand, innovate and reinvent what an education can be. Grants up to $500 are awarded annually to teachers selected through a competitive grant process. The David Fitts Community Service Classroom Grant is available again this year and will present $1,000 to a teacher for a classroom grant  that also includes a community service aspect to the project.

Last year, 60 teachers received grants. Students experienced real life STEM applications through robotics, a school-wide hands-on study of the aerospace industry, creating African instruments, building and breaking bridges, outdoor learning gardens and many more! The impact on students not only impacts their current learning, but helps expose them to new ideas and even potential careers. Below are a few incredible highlight stories from this past year.

Rocky River Horticultural Garden                                      A Global Virtual World                                     Monster Mash


These inspiring stories only happen because of you! Classroom grants are funded through the generous donations of our sponsors. Each year, the number of applications for grants exceeds the available funds available. Your support can help spur more innovation throughout Cabarrus County by investing in the people who make our education system run. Click here to support teachers and students through the Cabarrus County Education Foundation with a tax-deductible gift. 


David Fitts Community Service Classroom Grant
This amazing classroom grant opportunity honors the memory of David Fitts, a 2015 Central Cabarrus High School graduate, who recently passed away in a car accident. We are thankful to Chick-fil-A Concord Commons, with support from David's family, for sponsoring this special classroom grant.

Grant Amount: up to $1,000

Who is Eligible? Teachers and staff who work with children on a daily basis from the following schools: Patriots Elementary, Pitts School Road Elementary, R. Brown McAllister Elementary, Rocky River Elementary, Weddington Hills Elementary, Wolf Meadow Elementary, CC Griffin Middle, H.E. Winkler Middle, JN Fries Middle, Central Cabarrus High, Jay M. Robinson High.

Selection Criteria: Grant proposals will be judged on innovation, creativity, sustainability, and alignment with Cabarrus County schools goals and curriculum standards. In addition, the project must have some type of community service aspect to the project.

Classroom Grants

Grant Amount: up to $500

Who is Eligible? Teachers and staff  from any public school in Cabarrus County that works with children on a daily basis.

Selection Criteria: Grant proposals will be judged on innovation, creativity, low cost/high impact ratio, sustainability, and alignment with Cabarrus County schools goals and curriculum standards. 

Grant Application Deadline: September 15, 2017
Click here to download the application in PDF.
Click here to download the application in MS Word.

Grant applications are considered and reviewed by a selection committee comprised of district staff, administration and Foundation members. Applicants who are granted funding, receive their checks at a recognition ceremony in the Board Room of the CCS Education Center on November 2, 2017.

To learn more about being a corporate sponsor for this program and/or have questions about the application process, please call Amy Gough, CCEF Executive Director, at 704.262.6246 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Classroom Grant Recipient Topic
Amity Allman Math is Everywhere
Kathryn Almond & Melanie Edwards Sensory Room
Tara Anthony & Shelby Davis Wiggle While We Work
Chris Atwell Dash into Math and Science
Meredith Bates Robots that Make Learning to Code Fun!
Liz Benstead, Chris Atwell & Jane Vickers Rocky River Horticultural Garden
(David Fitts Community Service Classroom Grant)
Kelly Botts The Bulldog Bakery
Melissa Brantley Problem Solve with Dot and Dash
Deborah Buie, Chris Andujar, Christine Bevan, Jessica Brown, Amber Bullock, April Wallace CCS Elementary Day Treatment Program
Lara Cabaniss & Lance Pfeiffer Here We Grow Again
Jennifer Caligan Miracle on the Hudson
Jonathan Caskey Race to the Moon
Leslie Cauble Dashing into Robotics!
Lauren Chasey Growing Minds, Bodies and Plants!
Janet Childress Code the Globe with Dash & Dot
Melissa Cocherell A Slick Solution: Cleaning an Oil Spill
Melissa Cordier Short Order Chefs
Jacqueline Crofford Let's Read in Spanish
Margaret Cuthbertson Let's Get Osmotastic
Shelby Davis Ignite the Wonder of STEM
Chris Dove Curled Up and Comfy with a Book
Terri Edmiston Learning Outside the Box
Genevieve Fast How Does Your Garden Grow?
Mary Ferguson Kindles for Kids
Emily Francis Spanglish Reading
Danielle Gaimari & Jessica Lizarazo Monster Mash
Debra Gallagher What's the Advantage?
Angela Gardner Garden Club Goes Global
Amy Garmon Land Managers
Cary Gluf Hands-On Engineering
Rachael Gregor Cookin' Up Some Language
(Surprise Holiday Classroom Grant)
Meredith Hartsell Project READy
Nicole Harwood Robot Roundup
Sandy Hoyos & Carolina Riano Backpackers and Mochileros: Let's Travel
Michelle Kessler, Amy Syracuse & Kristen Tinsman Make your Mark!
Lindsey Landers Totem Poles for Art Courtyard
Amanda Linthicum Building with Legos to Build Community
Elena Michel Studio Documentation & Critique Area
Carmen Money, Angela Baucom-Osborne, Morgan Harvey, Michelle Hilton & Paul Proper R. Brown McAllister Science Olympiad Team
Paige Norris Wiggle Seats for Wiggly Writers
Jessica Parker Thinking Outside the "Book"!
Caryn Perry Makerspace Story Creation with Legos!
Christy Pieper Expanding Engineering
Beth Pike, Ashlyn Edwards, Melissa Freeman, Morgan Harvey, Carmen Money, Angela Osborne, Paul Proper & Rebecca Rice Garden Outdoor Classroom
Lindsey Plunkett, Jennifer Koerner, Roberta Lattin, Officer Kenneth Marckese & Anna Wilkinson Lunch with the Law
Ashley Rapier Imagination Printing
Jennifer Rinker We Got the Beat
Jason Sarvis & Adam Webb R. Brown McAllister PE/Fit Lab
Krista Saxman Using Boom to Zoom Our Reading in the 21st Century
Amye Smereka, Asia Brown, Beryl Kitchens, Meg McDaniel, Katelyn Reed, Regina Sap, Laurie Taylor & Tina Thompson African Instruments for 2nd Grade
Jerrod Smith Booking for "Kids Like Me": Reaching Reluctant Readers with Diverse Fiction
Susann Spinell Programming Prodigies
Rachel Steiner Ni Hao Mandarin Collection
Julie Stephenson MaLe Reluctant Readers Book Club
Meghan Thinnes, Jillian Bellino, Angie Campbell, Marla Guerity, Laura Lyon & Nealy Poe Growing Vegetable Soup
Carrie Tulbert & Annette York Let's Read Together
Freddy Wang A Global Virtual World
Brandon Wilson & Martin Efird Practicing Immunology
Jennifer Yandle World of 7 Billion Video Project
Recipient Grant Topic
Mayra Acevedo - Winecoff Elementary Spanish Alphabet/Numbers/Vocab Carpet
Teresa Aldridge - Lockhart Getting a Head Start on Handwriting
Howard Blackwelder - Wolf Meadow Elementary Butterfly Garden
Melissa Brantley - WM Irvin Elementary Resources for Readers
Tami Brantley - CC Griffin Middle Economic Systems
Bryan Brashear - CC Griffin Middle Outdoor Learning Lab Part 2
Connie Brittain - Harrisburg Elementary Move-It While Reading
Jonathan Caskey - CC Griffin Middle Space in the Room & Outdoor Learning Lab Part 1
Mary Christ - Jay M Robinson High The Breakfast Club
Katherine Clymer - Harold Winkler Middle Engaging Reluctant Readers w Graphic Novels
Kate Culbreth - WM Irvin Elementary Mad About Meteorology
Margaret Cuthbertson - Charles E Boger Elementary Little Libraries
Stephanie Davis - CC Griffin Middle We Are Conquerors!
Debra Diegmann - Harrisburg Elementary Global Art - Exploration in Chinese Paper Cutting
Julie Doby - Long School Handwriting without Tears
Gaye Durham - Jay M Robinson High Redesign, Recreate, Reconnect, Part 2
Astrid Francis - WM Irvin Elementary We Both Read!
Bethany Franklin - Wolf Meadow Elementary Supporting Behavioral Interventions
Susan Frazier - Winecoff Elementary Future Scientists
Danielle Gaimari - Cox Mill High Portraits of Hope
Angela Gardner - Harrisburg Elementary Going Gardening
Mark Gironda - Northwest Cabarrus High Modelling Chemical Equations
Nicole Harwood - Mount Pleasant Elementary Let's Get Charged Up!
Jessica Hendley & Melanie Fortner - Mary Frances Wall How to Make Chaos Stop: Strategies for Preschool Classroom
Sarah Hicks - Wolf Meadow Elementary Force and Motion Exploration at Charlotte Motor Speedway
Kate Honan - Opportunity School Investigating Tiny Organisms and Microscopic Structures with Foldscope and Photography
Joe Hudson - Harold Winkler Middle Horticulture Club Habitat Restoration
Julie Johnson - Beverly Hills Elementary NC Time Travel
Julie Johnson - Beverly Hills Elementary Little People Big World
Garrett Jordan - CC Griffin Middle At Home Meteorology
Lindsay Landers - Central Cabarrus High Raku Firings
Jessica MacNair - CC Griffin Middle Orchestrating Outreach
Lauren McCaskill - Pitts School Road Elementary Making 21st Century Learners in the Maker Space
Christine Nelson - Carl A Furr Elementary Science for All
Elaine O'Connor - WM Irvin Elementary Learn to Read, Read to Learn
Julie Phillips - Patriots STEM Elementary Boucning Our Way to Brilliance
Christy Pieper - Central Cabarrus High Expanding Engineering
Dana Ramseur - Central Cabarrus High Heroes Hangout @ Viking Media Center
Ashley Rapier - Rocky River Elementary Robot Invasion
Jessica Reid - WR Odell Elementary Innovation Station in your Media Center
Jessica Reid - WR Odell Elementary WROD Breaking News!
Paul Satenstein - Concord High School Drafting 1 Robot/Architecture 2 Design
Elizabeth Schriver - WR Odell Elementary Show and Share with PBLs
Laura Shepherd - Harris Road Middle Jazzed Up
Paula Shrum - Wolf Meadow Elementary Robotics Club
Martha Smith - Coltrane Webb STEM Elementary Dash and Dot - Create and Succeed in the Digital World
Samuel Smithson - Jay M Robinson High Jay M Robinson's Resume Day
Susann Spinell - Patriots STEM Elementary Wonderiffic Coding
Jenna Threatt - Central Cabarrus High Don't Forget to Clock In
Nicole Titley - Wolf Meadow Elementary Science Inquiry Lab
Laura Turner - Cox Mill Elementary Rhythmtastic
Virginia Velez - Harris Road Middle Sport Stacking
Freddy Wang - Harris Road Middle Major's Monarch Meadow
Trina Wenzel - Carl A Furr Elementary Create, Climb and Crawl: Gross Motor Play
Tami Young - Rocky River Elementary Microscopes for 3rd Grade Exploration and Implementation
Recipient Grant Topic
Cassandra Couick - AT Allen Elementary "Bone"-ified Scientists
Charlie Fisher - Beverly Hills Elementary Bass Xylophone Instrument Purchase
Julie Johnson - Beverly Hills Elementary A Step Into Global Awareness
Mike Baaden - Beverly Hills Elementary Better Ingredients, Better Science
Christina Hartzell - Beverly Hills Elementary Audiobooks - Listening, the Power to Do More!
Stephanie Davis - CC Griffin Middle We Are Conquerors!
Jessica MacNair - CC Griffin Middle Old Time Music: Exploring the Music of NC
Bethany Gregory - Central Cabarrus High The Digital History of Central Cabarrus High
Dana Ramseur - Central Cabarrus High Plant a Thought, Grow a Mind - Part II
Mary Phillips - Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary Creative Writing with LEGOs
Lara Cabaniss - Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary Engineering Readers
Emily Schmidt - Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary littleBits for Little Inventors
Paul Satenstein - Concord High Hands on Learning
Jamie Mabry - Concord Middle Energy on the Run
Jessica Enlow - Cox Mill High Bringing Nano to Macro
Mallorie Parks - Cox Mill High Genetics in Action
Brandon Wilson - Harold E. Winkler Middle Studying the Internal Anatomy of Protozoa
Heather Kundla - Harold E. Winkler Middle Mendel's Pea Plants
Debra Gallagher - Harold E. Winkler Middle Comparative Anatomy
Donna Meyer - Harold E. Winkler Middle A Grave Jungle
Virginia Velez - Harris Road Middle Educational Disc Golf Experience
Laura Shepherd - Harris Road Middle Collaborating with a Composer
Richie Egnor - Harris Road Middle Certified Wildlife Habitat Makeover
Freddy Wang - Harris Road Middle The Major's Garden
Kathy Braswell - Harrisburg Elementary Take a Spin
Amy Smereka - Harrisburg Elementary Second Grade Novel Studies and Book Club
Connie Brittain - Harrisburg Elementary Around the World with Reading
Debra Diegmann - Harrisburg Elementary Global Connections
Kelly Lord - Hickory Ridge High S.T.A.R.S (Successful Transition for At Risk Students)
Cary Gluf - Hickory Ridge High Hands on Learning
Gay Durham - Jay M Robinson High Redesign, Recreate, Reconnect
Christy Carbone-Clark - JN Fries Magnet Middle Food Quality
Tiffany Eudy - Mount Pleasant Elementary Terrific Tumbling Readers
Amanda Guild - Mount Pleasant Elementary Leveled Literacy Intervention
Marnie Stoker - Mount Pleasant Middle Annual Shakespeare Recitation Competition
Jennifer Caligan - Patriots STEM Elementary Sunny Side Up
Megan Staab - Royal Oaks Elementary ROEN
Howard Blackwelder - Wolf Meadow Elementary Edible Garden Greenhouse Project
Paula Shrum - Wolf Meadow Elementary Junior Robotics Club
Nicole Titley - Wolf Meadow Elementary Science Inquiry Lab
Faith Donkor - Wolf Meadow Elementary Maker Spaces for the Media Center
Katie Fields - Wolf Meadow Elementary I'm a Low Reader, not a Low Thinker
Tamara Irvin - Wolf Meadow Elementary Wolfgang's Reading Club
 Recipient  Grant Topic
 Dalea Beane – Charles E Boger Elementary School  Captivating Kids
 Michelle Hilton – Weddington Hills Elementary School  Mystery Readers and Fluent Friends
 Howard Blackwelder – Wolf Meadow Elementary  Edible Garden
 Sarah Collins – Coltrane Webb STEM  Home Reading Program for Kindergarten ESL
 Mary Darby & Darcy Eichman – Mary Frances Wall Center  Sensory Room Make Over
 Faith Donkor – Wolf Meadow Elementary  Superhero Books
 Brandi Gray – Wolf Meadow Elementary  Instrument Project
 Christina Hartzell – Beverly Hills Elementary  In2Books
 Hettie Kenny & Tiffany Eudy –
 Pitts School Road Elementary
 Fumbling Readers
 Stephanie Mattingly – W.R. Odell Elementary  Making Math Musical
 Aimee Mills – Winecoff Elementary  NC History Tile Mural Project
 Mary Phillips – Coltrane Webb STEM  Engineering for Girls
 Melanie Searl – Beverly Hills Elementary  Mounds of Manipulatives
 Christine Seitz – Carl A Furr Elementary  Speaking and Listening
 Paula Shrum – Wolf Meadow Elementary  Robotics Club
 Jennifer Wallace – A.T. Allen Elementary  Sow the Seeds for Science
 Kimberly Alston – Opportunity School  Opportunity to Read
 Michelle Hagle – Concord Middle  Social Book Clubs
 Katharine Honan – Opportunity Middle  Career and College Ready Scientists
 Tracy LeCompte – JN Fries Magnet  Judging a Book by its STEM
 Jamey Mabry – Concord Middle  No Soil – No Problem
 Jessica Parker – Early College  STEM Summer Camps
 Laura Shepherd – Harris Road Middle  Musicians in the Classroom
 Marnie Stoker – Mount Pleasant Middle  Shakespeare Recitation Competition
 Erica Willard – JN Fries Magnet  Update Student Broadcast Studio
 Brandon Wilson – Harold Winkler Middle  Lichens and Air Quality
 Virginia Velez – Harris Road Middle  Educational Disc Golf Experience
 Jessica Enlow – Cox Mill High  Science in the 21st Century
 Lindsey Landers – Central Cabarrus High  Permanent Pit Fire Structure
 Kelly Mavropoulous – Northwest Cabarrus High  White Water Rafting Trip
 Neil Pifer – Mount Pleasant High  Erosion Control
 Dana Ramseur – Central Cabarrus High  Plant a Thought, Grow a Mind
 Chuck White – Northwest Cabarrus High  CCS Engineering Camp 2014
 Recipient  Grant Topic
 Jessica Enlow – Cox Mill High School  Science in the 21st Century
 Katie Fields – Wolf Meadow Elementary School  Integrated Texts for 3-5 Bookroom
 Brian Patterson – Carl A. Furr Elementary School  Xylophobia
 Mary Phillips – Coltrane Webb STEM Elementary  Agriculture Gone Wild
 Carey Gates – Northwest Cabarrus High School  Spanish for Health Occupations
 Tammy Irvin – Wolf Meadow Elementary School  The Book Exchange
 Susanne Kurstin – Pitts School Road Elementary School  Kindergarten Nonfiction Leveled Libraries
 Judi Hollis – Harris Road Middle School  Bread Baking Lab
 Howard Blackwelder – Wolf Meadow Elementary School  Edible Garden
 Christy Horgan – Concord Middle School  7th Grade Reader’s Workshop Nonfiction
 Amy Deford – Carl A. Furr Elementary School  The Mathematical Foundation
 Lauren Williams – Pitts School Road Elementary School  iPads Impacting Classroom Learning
 Annette & John York – Concord Middle School  7th Grade Reader Workshop
 Jordann Aler – Concord Middle School  Series Reading: Inspiring Life-Long Learners
 Dorinda Swaringen – Concord Middle School  Reading Writing Workshop
 Aimee Mills – Winecoff Elementary School  Bechtler Visiting Artist
 Kelly Mavropolous – Northwest Cabarrus High School  Challenge Course
 Marnie Stoker – Mount Pleasant Middle School  Annual Shakespeare Competition
 Paula Shrum – Wolf Meadow Elementary School  Robotics Club
 Junjing Yang – JN Fries Middle and Concord High School  Chinese Calligraphy
 Laura Shepherd – Harris Road Middle School  HRMS Winterguard
 Jennifer Deal – Carl A Furr Elementary School  SOARing with Character
 Kathy Braswell – Carl A Furr Elementary School  Trash to Treasure
 Terri Robb – Wolf Meadow Elementary School  Reading Centers
 Dalea Beane – Charles E Boger Elementary School  Captivating Kids
 Michelle Hilton – Weddington Hills Elementary School  Mystery Readers and Fluent Friends
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