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Where are you from? Where did you study?TinaHartzell web

I am originally from a little town in upstate New York called Horseheads. After graduating from High School, I attended Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

Have you always wanted to teach?

Ever since I can remember! My grandmother still tells stories of how when I was little (3-4 yrs. old) I would line my stuff animals up on her stairs and “teach” them. My brother and sister still pick on me because I spent all my free-time teaching who ever and whatever would listen.

Who were you most influenced by and why?

The most influential person in my life was and is my mom. She never discouraged me from reaching my goals. She always has the best sound advice, even when I don’t want to hear it. She has led by example and is an amazing person inside and out. The teachers I have had along the way have also influenced me by demonstrating what it takes to be a true teacher. They were my hero’s because I knew that I wanted to be them one day. They taught me how to be compassionate, how to make lessons interesting, how to juggling the everyday life of a teacher.

What do you consider your biggest success as a teacher?

My biggest success as a teacher is having students from my former classes still reach out to me. One of my students from my first year of teaching still sends me a card on EVERY holiday. Including, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. My proudest moment was when I attended the High School graduation of my first class. I only have them a few short months so being able to make an impact on their little lives that they carry forever is vital.
Other successes include: receiving grants that help promote learning in my classroom, having my students show the most growth in 5th grade reading in the county, working with other teachers to enhance student learning, and “keeping it all together!”

What do you like best about Beverly Hills Elementary?

The BEST thing about Beverly Hills is the climate/atmosphere of our school. It amazes me every day that every student, staff member, visitor, parent is welcomed. The teachers work with each other instead of against each other. The administrators are supportive and listen to what teachers have to say. Parents feel comfortable to volunteer in the classrooms and to talk to teachers. It truly is an amazing place to work. I wake up each morning excited to go to work because it’s a wonderful environment to work in!!!

What do you plan on doing over the summer?

I usually “play it by ear!” However, I have 2 beach vacations planned. One trip will be to the Outer Banks with my immediate family. It will be the first time we all went on vacation together since having families of our own. The second trip will be to Hunting Island, SC with my NC family. These other three families have been my “village” since most of my family lives in NY. This will be our last vacation together before the older kiddos go off to college. I also always have some sort of house project to work on. I think this summer I will redo my bedroom. Along with all that, I plan on hanging out with my kiddos, relaxing by the pool, and reading some good books!!

And last but not least...
If you could be an animal, what would you be?

I am not an animal lover at all…I would choose unicorn!!

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