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Where are you from? Where did you study?ramseur web

I am from Charlotte North Carolina. I received my Masters of Library Science from East Carolina

Have you always wanted to teach?

Not until the last decade…I have had many different jobs from sales representative to event planner for the Southern Women’s Show in Nashville, Richmond, Orlando, and the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte. I knew that I wanted to have a career that allowed me to have the same “time off” as my children and I received an opportunity from my tribe (I am American Indian from the Lumbee Tribe of NC) that offered any student to return to school for one semester. So I found library science to be intriguing and pursued this career. Ever since I have changed into this career (2009) I have had no regrets (well maybe one - that I didn’t pursue it earlier in life). I love being a librarian and I love the opportunity to not only have students in the entire school be my community, but the teachers too. It is a great job.

Who were you most influenced by and why?

Most definitely my mom, she has always encouraged us to be ourselves and she has always encouraged
us to go capture every dream we conjure up. She always taught us to be kind to all people and she pushed us to be creative in everything we pursue. Another two big influences are Rosa Winfree and Barbara Locklear. They are both ladies in the community that also were a part of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Indian Education program when I was in school. They allowed me to gain confidence to travel and represent my tribe. They had high expectations and I never wanted to let them down.

What do you consider your biggest success as a teacher?

My biggest success as a teacher is when a non-reader becomes interested in a book that I have spoken about in a book talk, or had a display of. I believe that we have a bad habit in our country to easily dismiss ourselves as readers. I have students that love to read comic books but somewhere along the way someone has told them that comic books do not count as “reading” which is untrue. Whether we skim a magazine, research a new diet on Pinterest, we are all gathering information and learning. We need to cultivate life-long reading/researching attitudes, which will help readers go from skimming information, to recreational reading, which will help not only financially, but emotionally and physically.

What do you like best about Central Cabarrus?

Central has won many academic awards, and is really on the map as a district for being progressive. I attend conferences in other districts and the things they are sharing are already in motion and in place at Cabarrus County. So our progress is impressive, but what I like best about Central Cabarrus is no question, the students. I really love the staff and the family embrace each of us have for one other, but the students are different than any other school I have been to. I believe this community (which were predominately farming, mill workers) have a mentality of friendliness, so the “love thy neighbor” attitude has been passed down from their parents. Even if we have students that have transferred from other
places they seem to adapt this same friendliness and positive disposition. I really love the students at
Central Cabarrus.

What do you plan on doing over the summer?

My husband owns his own record label and manages several bands all over the United States. We have a summer planned to see lots of live music. We will visit Denver for a Red Rocks show, Napa Valley, and more local places like the mountains of North Carolina. I have a themed Halloween party every year for friends every year and I use my summers to create the theme (this year it is 1980’s so I will be making giant Rubik’s cube, Mtv, etc.). And, of course, there is always the hope of accomplishing spring cleaning (inside and outside).

And last but not least...

What three things would you take with you to a desert island?

My family (my husband and my two sons).

Non-human items would include: all of the books my island could hold, my ipod filled with every song in the world, and chocolate.

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